Imágenes de cangrejos

Una galería de imágenes de cangrejos para apreciar lo singular de estos animales.

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crab-4 blue_crab_100_4113 vvv SONY DSC christmas-crabs Christmas Island Red Crabs (Gecarcoidea natalis) - on beach. A species of terrestrial crab endemic to Cristmas Island, situated in the Indian Ocean, Australia. It is estimated that as many as 120 million crabs live on the island. An undated handout photo showing a newly discovered crab found south of Easter Island by Census vent explorers that was so unusual it warranted a whole new family designation, Kiwidae. Beyond adding a new family to the wealth of known biodiversity, its discovery added a new genus, Kiwa, named for the mythological Polynesian goddess of shellfish. Its furry or hairy appearance justified its species name, hirsuta. Results of the first-ever global marine life census were unveiled on October 4, 2010 in London revealing an unprecedented view of life beneath the waves after a decade-long trawl through the murky depths. The Census of Marine Life estimated there are one million-plus species in the oceans, with at least three-quarters of them yet to be discovered.AFP PHOTO/CENSUS OF MARINE LIFE/IFREMA (Photo credit should read IFREMER/AFP/Getty Images)   Original Filename: Par3506030.jpg hc1


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